The Typical Brass Ensemble Student has:

🎵 A minimum of 2 years experience

🎵 Knowledge of and ability to play 2-octave scales in several major and minor keys

🎵 Audition Repertoire:  
       One Major Scale
       One Minor Scale
       One work of student’s choice, drawn from the standard solo and étude literature                                  

🎵Who needs to audtion?
*All new students must audition for placement in the SCV Brass Ensemble.

*You must complete the online audition request form and pay the audition fees in order to be scheduled for an audition.  You will receive an email confirmation of audition date and time once your form and fees are received.

Directed by Luke Storm, D.M.A.

Wednesdays, 6pm - 8pm
                       College of the Canyons-Valencia Campus
                         Pico Canyon Hall, 1st Floor

SCV BRASS ENSEMBLE is perfect for brass musicians looking to further their skills and musicianship in a fun and challenging atmosphere that builds on the excellence of local school band programs.  This type of ensemble allows each player a higher level of musical engagement and responsibility that is typical in orchestra or band playing.  It will also complete our collection of ensembles and provide a path into our Youth Orchestra or Symphony of the Canyons.  

Dress Rehearsal in PAC, October 2017

Dress Rehearsal in PAC, October 2017

New Students Complete Audition Request


New Students Pay
Non-Refundable Audition Fee


Continuing Brass Ensemble Members Complete Registration Form