SANTA CLARITA VALLEY YOUTH ORCHESTRA - CHAMBER ENSEMBLE performance of Duex Interludes by Jacques Ibert, 05/14/2017. Under the direction of Rachel Iba, MFA; SCVYO Chamber Music Ensemble Director.

William Kinney,   13 - Violin
Ashlyn Bendorf,  11 - Piano
Myra Yamazaki,   15 - Flute

Directed by Rachel Iba, MFA

Saturdays, 1pm - 3pm
College of the Canyons - Valencia Campus

The SCVYO Foundation is excited to bring
Chamber Music to our course syllabus,
beginning Spring, 2017.  Students will become
familiar with standard chamber music repertoire,
take personal responsibility for their part within
an ensemble, as well as develop leadership, rehearsal
and communication skills.  Students will rehearse in
small groups and participate in 'work in progress'
performances, community outreach and take part
in the large concert at the end of the semester.

🎡 Concurrent enrollment in Orchestra or Symphony is required.

The typical Chamber Music student has a minimum of 2 years experience.  Placement in ensembles is based on ability as determined by the Chamber Music Director.

Audition Requirements:

           πŸŽ΅  Who needs to audition for Chamber Music ?

🎡  All new students and returning SCVYO musicians
who did not particpate in chamber music during the
Spring 2017 semester who wish to join chamber music
must audition.  

🎡Winds and Brass: 
Can play 2-octave major & minor scales, up to 4 sharps & flats

🎡  All students auditioning for Orchestra, Symphony or Advanced Brass may also use that audition for their chamber music audition.  please be sure to indicate you are auditioning for chamber music as well as a core orchestral section on your audition form.  

1st Violins - Can  play 3-octave major scale and relative minor with ability to shift to 3rd position              
2nd Violins - Can play 2-octave D major scale and the relative minor.

Can play 2-octave G major and the relative minor.

Can play 2-octave D major and 1-octave of the relative minor.

🎡Basses: Can play 1-octave D major scale and the relative minor.     

          🎡 Who does not need to audition for Chamber Music ?

🎡 All students who participated in Chamber Music ensemble during the Spring 2017 semester do not need to audition.  Returning students must fill out the online registration form prior to SCVYO enrollment.  Use the link below.

🎢  Chamber Musician member is is able to play a
major solo from the repertoire for their instrument,
excluding band and orchestra parts. 

🎢  Chamber Musician member is able to consult
with their music teacher for appropriate music.

🎢  SCVYO Musician is able to sight-read from the
coming semester’s music.