Directed by:  Jim Jeffrey, MFA
Mondays, 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
College of the Canyons - Valencia
Pico Canyon Hall, 1st Floor

🎵  WHO MUST AUDITION? (see requirements below)

🎵  All new students must audition and pay audition fees. Audition appointment time will be scheduled upon receipt of completed audition request form and payment of fees.


🎵  Returning students who participated in Guitar Ensemble during the Fall 2017 semester do not need to audition.  You do need to complete the online enrollment form prior to your in-person SCVYO registration.  

The Guitar Ensemble Student:

🎵  Has 1-2 years minimum experience.

🎵  Has the ability to read notes in first position or beyond.

🎵  Has an understanding of rhythms such as 8th notes,16th notes, triplets, key signatures and time signatures.

🎵  Can play basic chords. More advanced players should be able to play 7th and extended chords. (Jazz Chords)

Guitar Ensemble Director, Jim Jeffrey, with Summer '17 musicians says, "It's so fun to work with young people and to see them grow and be inspired. I see such a giant change in the guitar ensemble students every semester and I wish there were more such opportunities for students around the world. If you have any influence in your community encourage your local youth orchestras to start a guitar ensemble. It's a great opportunity for guitarists to work with peers in a larger  setting. 

"Looking forward to next semester!"