Directed By Derrick Spiva Jr.

Saturdays, 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m
College of the Canyons - Valencia Campus

Audition Requirements  
The typical Orchestra (SCVYO) student has a
minimum of 2 years experience and

šŸŽµWinds and Brass:
Can play 2-octave major & minor scales, up to 4 sharps & flats      

1st Violins - Can play a 3-octave major and the relative minor scale, shifting into 3rd position
2nd Violins - Can play 2-octave D major and the relative minor scale

Can play 2-octave G major and the relative minor scale.

Can play 2-octave D major and 1-octave of the relative minor.

Can play 1-octave D major scale and the relative minor.

šŸŽ¶  SCVYO Musician is able to play a major solo from the repertoire for their instrument, excluding band and orchestra parts. 
šŸŽ¶  SCVYO Musician is able to consult with their music teacher for appropriate music.
šŸŽ¶  SCVYO Musician is able to sight-read from the coming semesterā€™s music.

šŸŽµ Who needs to audition for Orchestra?

šŸŽµ All new musicians wishing to join Orchestra must audition

šŸŽµAll returning Prelude Strings or Prelude Winds & Brass students wishing to move up to Orchestra, or Chamber Music Ensemble members that were not enrolled in Orchestra during the Spring 2017 semester must audition

šŸŽµ Chair Challenges - Saturday, August 19th  
by audition appointment only !!!

All continuing Orchestra musicians wishing to move up within their section must audition and pay non-refundable audition fee  in order to receive a Chair Challenge audition appointment

The requirements for the Chair Challenge are the same as the regular Orchestra audition unless otherwise stated by the director

šŸŽµ Who does not need to audition ???

Returning Orchestra members who are happy with their placement within their section during the Spring 2017 semester and want to return to that position do not need to audition.  These members must complete the registration form.  please use the link below to access the registration form.