Directed By Derrick Spiva Jr.
Saturdays, 9:15am - 12:30pm
College of the Canyons-Valencia
Pico Canyon Hall, Room 202


Orchestra is our intermediate-level ensemble for musicians with two or more years of experience playing their chosen instruments.  Students will continue to fine-tune ensemble ettiquette, engage in sectionals, play with increasing awareness of other musicians and their individual role as a member of the larger orchestral enemble. Musicians will be exposed to an assortment of repertoire to improve their ability to play more challenging pieces, develop greater skills of dynamics, articulation and phrasing, and develop group cohesion and leadership roles. It is highly recommended that intermediate orchestral musicans participate in private lessons outside of weekly rehearsals.   

Orchestra students will attend weekly rehearsals and participate in an end-of-semester concert to build their musical efficacy, self-worth and accomplishment. 

SCVYO Orchestra participation will enhance the student's school music success and prepare musicans to audition for our elite symphony and Chamber Ensemble.

🎵 WHO NEEDS TO AUDITION FOR ORCHESTRA? (see requirements below)

🎵 NEW musicians wishing to join Orchestra for the first time 


🎵 CHAIR CHALLENGES - Audition requirements are the same as noted above.  Students seeking to move up in their section should be able to demonstrate a higher level of mastery than minimum audition requirements noted below.

NOTE:  All continuing Orchestra musicians wishing to Chair Challenge to move up within their section must audition and pay the audition processing fee in order to receive an audition appointment.

RETURNING ORCHESTRA MEMBERS who are happy with their placement within the instrumental section during the prior semester and want to return to that position do not need to audition.  Those members must complete the enrollment form prior to in-person registration.  


The typical Orchestra (SCVYO) student has a minimum of 2 years experience and:

🎵1st Violins: Able to play a 3-octave major and the relative minor scale,
shifting into 3rd position

🎵2nd Violins: Able to play a 2-octave D major and the relative minor scale

🎵Violas:  Able to play 2-octave G major and the relative minor scale.

🎵Cellos:  Able to play 2-octave D major and 1-octave of the relative minor.

🎵Basses:  Able to play 1-octave D major scale and the relative minor.

🎵Winds & Brass: Able to play 2-octave major & minor scales, up to 4 sharps/flats      

🎶Orchestra Musician is able to play a major solo from the repertoire for their instrument, excluding band and orchestra parts. 

🎶Orchestra Musician is able to consult with teacher for appropriate music.

🎶Orchestra Musician is able to sight-read from the coming semester’s repertoire.