Directed By: 
Julissa Bozman
Meets Saturdays, 9:30 A.M. to 10:30 A.M.


Prelude Strings is our entry-level orchestral ensemble for musicians with one year of experience playing the violin, viola, cello or bass.  Students learn ensemble ettiquette, participate in a small group setting,  learning how to play with an awareness of other musicians and their role of melody or harmony within the piece.

Prelude Strings musicians will be exposed to an assortment of repertoire to improve their ability to read notes, identify correct rhythmic values, dynamics and articulation markings.

Students will attend weekly rehearsals and participate in an end-of-semester concert to build their musical efficacy, self-worth and accomplishment.

This class will help to prepare students for school music success and auditioning for SCVYO Orchestra.

        Audition Requirements
The Prelude Strings Musician

🎵  Has 1 year of experience

🎵  Is able to read music.

🎵 Can play a 1-octave scale of their choice.

🎵 Can play a solo piece that best demonstrates their ability.

🎵 Is able to sight-read a simple melody in 1st position.


                                                                      ALL NEW STUDENTS MUST AUDITION

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