The mission of the Santa Clarita Valley Youth Orchestra (SCVYO) multi-tiered ensemble program is to provide exemplary musical education and performance opportunities for each member. This is achieved by the cultivation of musical, social, and personal habits which are accepted, valued, and required by society for personal, academic, and employment success. Each student and parent is, therefore, asked to agree with the following basic expectations as a member of the SCVYO programs.


1.    Attendance at ALL scheduled rehearsals, concerts or other special events is mandatory. When you receive your schedule for the season, we ask that you arrange your calendar so you are able to fully participate. When one member of the orchestra is absent, the entire orchestra is affected.

2.    Attendance will be taken by the Orchestra Manager at the beginning of each rehearsal. Two absences during the preparation period for any concert, excused or unexcused, may result in your being asked to not perform in the upcoming program or to leave the ensemble(s).  Two late arrivals to rehearsal will be counted as one absence, unless previously arranged with your Ensemble Music Director.

3.    Requests for permission to be absent for any reason should be submitted in advance by email to your ensemble music director.  You are required to contact our Executive Director by email at prior to the scheduled rehearsal in the event of an unplanned absence, such as illness.

4.    Any member who must be absent for any reason must ensure their musical parts are available at the rehearsal.

5.    Missing a dress rehearsal or concert may result in dismissal from the ensemble(s) unless the conductor is notified at least one month in advance of the rehearsal to be missed.

6.    The SCVYO reserves the right to dismiss any student due to lack of interest or progress, frequent absences, frequent tardiness, behavioral problems and/or failure to abide by SCVYO Policies.

7.    The SCVYO is designed to supplement the music program at your school, should one exist.  It is expected that you will continue to participate in that program.

1.    Bring a pencil and eraser to all rehearsals. Marking of music must be done in pencil only.

2.    Ensemble members are expected to prepare their individual parts prior to rehearsals. Students unable or unwilling to learn their parts outside of rehearsal may be placed in a less advanced ensemble or may be asked to leave the program.

3.    Your instrument must be kept in first-class condition, which includes having mutes, rosins, extra strings and reeds available at all rehearsals and concerts.

4.    All musicians are expected to arrive 15-20 minutes prior to the start of rehearsal to set up and warm up. Tuning begins promptly at the scheduled start time of rehearsal. 

5.    Musicians are expected to be on time for all concert call times. Furthermore, they are to be in their seats ready to tune when the rehearsal downbeat is called.

6.    Talking, eating, drinking (other than water), gum chewing ARE NOT ALLOWED during rehearsals or in rehearsal/practice rooms. Cell phones must be silenced during rehearsals.  Minors are forbidden from smoking and/or vaping on the College of the Canyons Campus or during SCVYO sanctioned events.  Adults who choose to smoke must do so in designated areas on Campus.  There is no smoking/vaping permitted in any room on the COC Campus.

7.    Music must be kept in a folder at all times.  Parts must be taped.  Lost music must be reported to your ensemble director or the Orchestra Manager, immediately.  Original parts must be turned in at the end of the semester.  Students may keep photocopied parts at discretion of ensemble director.


Public performance is a visual as well as an aural experience for the audience. Everything you do on stage should enhance the quality of the musical presentation. Concert dress is an important part of this, and all orchestra members are required to adhere to the concert dress requirements.


Ladies:  Black dress or black skirt/black dress slacks and solid black blouse, black nylons and black shoes. PLEASE – no mini-skirts, no sleeveless dresses, no tight skirts with slits.  Hem length should cover knees while in a sitting position. 

Men: Black suit, white dress shirt, black bow tie, black socks, black dress shoes.


Girls:  Black dress or black skirt/black dress slacks and solid black blouse, black dress shoes.  PLEASE – no mini-skirts, no sleeveless dresses, no tight skirts with slits.  Hem length should cover knees while in a sitting position. NO FLIP-FLOP TYPE SANDALS

Boys:  Black suit, white dress shirt, black bow tie, black socks, black dress shoes.


Girls:  Black skirts or dress slacks, white blouse, black socks or nylons, black dress shoes.  PLEASE – no mini-skirts, no sleeveless dresses, no tight skirts with slits.  Hem length should cover knees while in a sitting position. NO FLIP-FLOP TYPE SANDALS.

Boys: Black dress pants, white dress shirt, black necktie, black socks, black dress shoes NO TENNIS SHOES/WHITE SOCKS


1.    All parents are required to read the ensemble policies carefully. This is an activity in which every child depends on every other child in preparation for a final performance. It is expected that parents will support the policies of the SCVYO and help their child to adhere to these policies. It is further expected that parents will volunteer time or financial assistance to help the orchestras, as tuition covers only about one-fourth of the SCVYO’s operating costs.

2.    CONCERT TICKETS:   Families will be given complimentary tickets to the performances held in the Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center, in proportion to donation received:
$300+   =  10 tickets
$200     =    8 tickets
$100     =    4 tickets
$50-75  =    3 tickets
$25       =    2 tickets.

Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center ticket prices are $12/adult and $6/student.  The SCVYO does not receive a cut from the box-office ticket sales.  Making a donation to the SCVYO is a win-win!!  You receive tickets and a tax write-off -- the SCVYO Foundation receives your generous donation!

TUITION:   All tuition must be paid in full and all registration forms completed in order for students to attend the first rehearsal.

1.   Discounts are available for families with two or more students enrolled in the orchestras:  10% discount will be given for the second child or more after full tuition payment for the student with the higher tuition fee. Discount applies to one ensemble per child.

2.   Tuition Refunds are an exception. Refunds will be considered only in a situation involving medical or family emergency, when the tuition has been paid in full, and the withdrawal occurs before the second rehearsal of each semester.   There will be no refunds following the second rehearsal of each semester.  There will be no refund granted to any student who is dismissed from the ensembles due to poor attendence or untenable behavioral concerns.


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Parent & Student Understands:  If student does not follow the guidelines laid out in the SCVYO policies or the guidance and direction of the Executive Directors, any member of the Artistic Staff, Board Members or volunteers, student may be dismissed at any time as a member of the SCVYO without a tuition refund.




As a student member of the SCVYO, having read the Santa Clarita Valley Youth Orchestra Policies & Procedures, I agree to abide by all the policies and guidelines outlined herein and to conduct myself as a representative of the SCVYO at all times and during all rehearsals, concerts, activities and events.  

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As the parent/guardian of the above-referenced student, I understand my financial obligation to the SCVYO for my child’s participation and helping to ensure my child follows the SCVYO guidelines as outlined in this Policies and Procedures.


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